Okano 100% Silk


ScarfIt is the Hakata-ori textile manufacturer founded in 1897.This Scarf "KAI" is overlapped 12 different color editions of silkscreen with Yuzen technique which craftsman realized by repeating adjustment of 0.1 mm. Craftsman repeated trials and errors many times to express until a satisfactory color made. With this pattern of only a straight line, high skill is required because it is not deceptive.


This printing is done in Kobo factory in Kyoto, dyeing in Yokohama, the last finishing in Aomori and all-Japan made through the hands of professionals in various regions.Tightening the design of KAI, the origin of Hakata is also included in the picture frame turned around. "Parent-child stripes" where thick stripes hold thin stripes expresses the appearance that parents protect their children, and thin stripes sandwich thick stripes "Takayuki Stripe" expresses the way the child protects parents. It is also ideal for gifts with messages.

Silk Scarf OKANO

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  • Silk 100%. Made in Japan